MyStory Podcast

For the length of my undergraduate degree, I have called St. Andrew's College home.

In 2020, the college saw a number of significant changes due to COVID-19. Students were required to return home during the isolation period.

I quickly realised that many of us would not have the opportunity to make connections and build friendships with our peers at Drews.

For first-year students, who had only just begun their university experience, there would be very few ways to make new friends and maintain existing relationships.

MyStory is a podcast where I host 10-20-minute one-on-one ‘interviews’ with college students to learn more about their backgrounds and experiences at Drews thus far.

After recording the first podcast in mid-2020 and sharing it internally within the college, the podcast has evolved tremendously:

  • Podcasts are now uploaded to Spotify for easy listening
  • I've invested in higher quality recording equipment and software to improve the production quality of the podcasts
  • I've improved my interviewing skills and, in turn, the quality of the conversations

Here's an example of one of the podcasts. If you'd like to receive updates on future podcasts, please follow!